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Stories, Awards, and Benefits of Volunteering

Senior Services presents the President’s Award for Volunteerism

Meet Vivian Henderson

Cathy Dalton, left, president of the Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia Board of Directors, awards Vivian Henderson, deputy commonwealth attorney for the City of Virginia Beach, with the President's Award for Volunteerism. The award was presented at the agency's annual meeting in Norfolk on Jan. 25, 2018

Vivian has served seniors with Senior Services through her role as Chesapeake graduate chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. for the past four years helping at events such as the annual Art of Healthy Aging and raising awareness for the services available to seniors throughout the community. Thank you Vivian for all you do!

This award is awarded and presented by the President of Seniors Services Board of Directors each year during the Annual Meeting. This award is given to an outstanding volunteer or community partner who has had a great impact on the community in their service to seniors. 



What are the benefits of volunteering? 

There are several studies and personal experiences from volunteers that show volunteering increases your life expectancy, your mental health, your social and professional relationships, and decreases depression and isolation. 

The Coorporation for National and Community Service published a review of research associated with the benefits of volunteering.

Read more here. 

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Benefits at SSSEVA

 One of the most frequenty heard benefits from our volunteers is that they had no idea of the services offered to seniors in our area before they began looking to volunteer here. As volunteers become more involved with their service to seniors, they learn valuable information about senior care and services available to their own family and friends. 


What benefits have you seen from volunteering with SSSEVA? 

Nyla Davis is one of our Office Associate Volunteers and she wrote about the benefits she sees from volunteering: 


Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering is a rewarding experience and way to give.  We often hear about opportunities to donate to charities but giving our time is also a great way to give.  When you volunteer it benefits you and the organization that you help.

By helping people in our community or improving the environment in our community we enrich our community. 

Volunteering to spend time with a senior in your community or participating in the process to provide services to people benefits the community.  If you have free time, volunteering is a positive extracurricular activity that prevents boredom, allows you to feel a part of something greater than yourself, gives you the chance to socialize, meet new people, and get out of the house.  Moreover, looking at issues that are important to you or areas of your community that you want to improve, you can support your favorite causes when you volunteer. 

In addition to community involvement, volunteering can develop your career.  As a volunteer, you find out what tasks interest you and gain experience in different areas so you learn more about yourself and what you are good at doing.  There may be tasks that you do at home that you are able to illustrate as a volunteer and thus be able to add to your resume.  As a volunteer, you may learn what tasks you enjoy and what industries interest you so that you can be more informed in selecting your career path.  Furthermore, if you are a student or plan on becoming a student then you could use your volunteer time to qualify for scholarships or meet school requirements. 

Volunteering is a good experience to enrich yourself and your community.  There are many benefits to volunteering.  From demonstrating your skills to improving your community, volunteering has something to offer everyone.

Benefits of volunteering

  • Enrich community
  • Qualify for scholarships
  • Meet new people
  • Gain work experience
  • Support a cause
  • Explore your interests
  • Extracurricular activity


Share your perspective!

Let us know how volunteering has impacted your life while volunteering with Senior Services. Contact Kelley Russo at 757-222-4522 or today to share your story. 


Meet our volunteers in the Spotlight! 

These volunteers are just a small sample of the awesome people who invest their time and energy into volunteering for the Seniors in our community! Read more about them on Volunteer Spotlights.

Awards: Above & Beyond and the President's Volunteer Service Award

While volunteers don't usually seek recognition, their example is a powerful message that encourages others to take action! Check out the recipients of Senior Services' Above and Beyond Award and the recipients of the President's Volunteer Service Award. 

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